Entertainer Shammi Thilakan responds to his ejection from the star cast. Shammi Thilakan has said that he misunderstands not effectively oust his dad. His assertion was twisted and he never let anybody know that he was a mafia posse. Equity is gotten from the mother, and equity isn’t normal from certain overseers. Shammi Thilakan let the media know that this was because of individual ill will towards his dad.

‘There are not many moms who know why I speak more loudly and what my claims are. The rest didn’t grasp my part. For that reason they are requesting their ejection. I have kept in touch with the workplace conveyors a few times observing every one of the hierarchical guidelines. Not very many individuals know all that. There is no enmity towards the mother association.

She considers the association to be her own mom. In the letters I composed, it was tended to as ‘Amma Ariyan’. Amma was established with my own cash. My memory is that I was the third individual from Amma. Maniyan Pillai Raju was the person who paid for the enrollment of the association. I paid for my mom’s letterpad. Allow me to get you out on this letter cushion itself.

How about we answer then, at that point. I heard that certain individuals including Mammootty asked me not to be removed. Certain individuals don’t have the foggiest idea what the reports I gave. As my dad used to say, it is against ‘certain individuals’.

There is no conviction that equity won’t come from the mother. In any case, equity won’t be served by a portion of the overseers in Amma. It’s an individual issue and more than that, it’s enmity towards my dad.

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